STRI Training and Education

STRI provides executive education and training in strategic trade management and compliance. The Strategic Trade Research Institute is globally recognized for the expertise and network-building it brings to the trade control community. You can rely on STRI's reputation as the leader in publishing peer reviewed strategic trade literature through the Strategic Trade Review, experience training export control stakeholders worldwide, and broad global network of academic and practitioner experts.

STRI provides tailored training to meet your organization's objectives and needs:

  • Tailor-made distance training: Tailor-made tutoring is available for individuals seeking private education in defense and strategic trade management. STRI staff work to develop a curriculum that matches your professional objectives and time constraints.
  • On-site courses: STRI offers on-site courses open to professionals seeking training on awareness-level as well as expert training in defense and strategic trade management. These courses can be tailored based on your organization's objectives.
  • University education: STRI provides Master's level university education in Strategic Trade Controls at George Mason University. The most recent course syllabus can be found here.

1st Defense and Dual-Use Export Controls Executive Education Seminar


The Strategic Trade Research Institute, in co-sponsorship with the University of Maryland’s School of Public Policy, held an executive education seminar for government, diplomatic, research, and industry personnel on defense and dual-use export controls from September 23-27, 2019. The seminar enhanced the skills and expertise of participants on defense and dual-use export control policy, issues, and challenges. Participants came away with a deeper knowledge of export controls, nonproliferation -- how and why policy is made -- and can apply that understanding in their own work.
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