The Strategic Trade Review is the authoritative refereed journal dedicated to trade and security, with a particular emphasis on strategic trade management, export controls, sanctions, investment security, and technology transfer.

The Review publishes articles from a global and diverse authorship.

It is an essential resource for researchers, practitioners, students, policy-makers, and other stakeholders involved in trade and security.

Articles from the Strategic Trade Review are frequently cited in other peer reviewed journals, trade publications, research and industry reports, magazines, and books. Read about the journal's impact here.

The journal's mission is to:

1. Contribute to the definition, formation and development of strategic trade as an inter-disciplinary technical field;

2. Share and build peer reviewed knowledge and best practices among export control and sanctions practitioners;

3. Give researchers and practitioners from all over the world access to the latest research and developments;

4. Provide the opportunity for a diverse set of authors to publish their work in a prestigious international publication.

The journal scope covers the following areas:

Export controls, sanctions, regimes, emerging technologies, compliance, trade/proliferation finance, proliferation networks, open source tools and techniques, legal instruments and frameworks, national implementation, intangible transfers, transit-trans-shipment, implementation, risk-assessment, enforcement, prosecution, extraterritorial application, capacity-building outreach (strategy, methodology, lessons learned), comparative studies, historical analysis, human security, import control, end-user control issues, control lists, definitions, parcel services, jurisdiction, international cooperation, IT systems, customs and commodity identification, intelligence, regional cooperation, free trade zones, used items, corruption, trade control culture, networking in the field, industry outreach, cloud computing, comparative studies, and communication.

Topics not listed can be suggested to the Editor-in-Chief.


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