FDI Screening Primer Published: STRI's Andrea Viski Publishes FDI Screening Primer through the Stimson Center's Trade and Investment Security Program

Over the last several decades, countries have recognized that the bountiful opportunities brought by Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) may come with risks. While each country may perceive these risks in their own way and with their distinct security concerns in mind, the mechanism most often used to ensure that FDI benefits and risks are properly managed is FDI screening, through which countries can attract quality FDI and protect their national interests simultaneously.

The FDI Screening Primer is the result of a project funded by the United States Export Control and Related Border Security program (EXBS) and implemented through the Stimson Center's Trade and Investment Security Program. Dr. Andrea Viski, founder and director of STRI, and also Project Lead through the Stimson program, conducted the research and authored the report.

The Primer aims to raise awareness of key elements of an effective investment screening regime, particularly in strategic sectors of national security importance. The Primer providing neutral, high-quality, and useful information and good practices for FDI screening, ultimately for the benefit of maximizing FDI benefits while minimizing risks. The Primer offers FDI stakeholders a useful toolbox for deepening understanding of FDI screening and implementation practices.

You can read the Primer here.

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