STRI Webinar Series: Blockchain Applications for Export Controls and Nuclear Safeguards

On June 25th, the Strategic Trade Research Institute (STRI) and the Center for International and Security Studies at the University of Maryland (CISSM) kicked off a four-part webinar series focused on emerging technology innovations and solutions for export controls. The series features in-depth, technical perspectives from world-renowned experts on applications and best practices that can be used to enhance the effectiveness of strategic trade control operations and contribute to strengthening international security. The first event of the series, “Blockchain Technology Applications for Export Controls and Nuclear Safeguards” featured Cindy Vestergaard and Diego Cándano Laris of the Stimson Center. During the event, Cindy Vestergaard introduced blockchain technology and highlighted research that is untangling promise from the hype to understand how the technology’s application for securing data and process integrity could benefit international security regimes. Diego Cándano Laris discussed the potential of blockchain to strengthen the implementation of export controls through management of sensitive data, detection and prevention of falsified documents, and traceability of controlled items. Missed the webinar? Want to rewatch or share it? Find the complete webinar here: