STRI Webinar Series: Artificial (AI) Applications for Managing Export Control and Sanctions Risks

On July 9, the Strategic Trade Research Institute (STRI) and the Center for International and Security Studies at the University of Maryland (CISSM) continued their four-part webinar series focused on emerging technology innovations and solutions for export controls. The series features in-depth, technical perspectives from world-renowned experts on applications and best practices that can be used to enhance the effectiveness of strategic trade control operations and contribute to strengthening international security. The second event of the series, ““Artificial Intelligence (AI) Applications for Managing Export Control and Sanctions Risks,” featured Carl Wöcke and Mark Keith of Merlynn Technologies and Scott Jones, Senior Advisor to the Strategic Trade Research Institute. During the event, Dr. Jones discussed export control challenges to government and industry in general, and the difficulties of ascertaining end-user bona fides through traditional data analysis in particular. Mr. Wöcke and Mr. Keith gave an overview the state of AI in contrast to “Big Data” analysis and present their work on Tacit Object Modeling (TOM). The speakers also canvassed their recent work on utilizing TOM technology towards developing screening solutions for companies and governments. A vibrant Q&A followed. Missed the webinar? Want to rewatch or share it? Find the complete webinar here: