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CISSM, STRI Awarded $900K Contract to Investigate Governance Options for Emerging Technologies and WMD

The Office of the Secretary of Defense has awarded the Center for International and Security Studies at Maryland (CISSM) and the Strategic Trade Research Institute (STRI) a contract to investigate the implications of emerging technologies and WMD generally, and the specific implications for governance mechanisms, policies, and strategies at the intersection of the two areas.

The $900,000, 2-year contract will contribute to policy development by examining the implications of select emerging technologies on strategic trade controls; by fostering the creation of networks of practice; and by conducting analytical research at the nexus of emerging technologies, strategic trade controls, arms control, nonproliferation, and counterproliferation.

"CISSM has a long track-record of conducting research on the societal impacts of dual-use technologies and developing creative policy solutions to mitigate the risks inherent in their use," said CISSM Associate Director Jonas Siegel. "Examining the applicability of strategic controls on specific emerging technologies will contribute to developing the means to govern their development and use."

CISSM is partnering with STRI on this project to leverage the Institute’s considerable contributions to the field of strategic trade through research, network-building, publication, and training.

“STRI’s mission to build networks of research and practice in the strategic trade field underscores its commitment to be at the forefront of the most pressing challenges at the nexus of trade and security,” said STRI Director Andrea Viski. “Assessing the strategic trade implications of emerging technologies is critical in light of the rapid evolution of the global technology landscape.”

CISSM is a policy research center at the University of Maryland School of Public Policy focused on understanding and mitigating the risks of dual-use technology, supporting the development of innovative governance strategies, and contributing to the enrichment of human security.

STRI is an independent, international, board-governed research institute dedicated to building networks of strategic trade research and practice. STRI provides training and scholarship on export controls and sanctions to a diverse stakeholder community and publishes the Strategic Trade Review, the leading peer-reviewed journal dedicated to export controls and sanctions.