The Strategic Trade Research Institute, based in Washington DC, is an independent, international, board-governed non-profit organization founded in 2017 to promote quality research, training, and scholarship in the strategic trade field. STRI is dedicated to building networks of strategic trade research and practice through leadership, research, and innovation. STRI publishes the Strategic Trade Review, the authoritative peer reviewed journal dedicated to trade and security. STRI is dedicated to engaging in quality and innovative research, thinking outside of the box, and bringing together a diversity of voices and perspectives.

The Institute's objectives are to:

• Inform and impact policy, research, and practice

• Forecast future challenges and how to prepare for them effectively

• Strengthen relations among and between diverse stakeholders through training, information, connections, and opportunities

• Contribute to nonproliferation and international security through timely and high-quality research and insights

• Facilitate exchange of information

• Promote cooperation

• Develop a next generation of strategic trade leaders STRI's vision is for global trade and security to be astutely balanced for the advancement of a secure and prosperous world.

STRI contributes to this vision through interlinked areas of activity:

1. The Strategic Trade Review

2. Training and education

3. Research and expertise